Friday, January 6, 2012

Sheeple for Sale

 After Utah votes in June there will have been 2,265 delegates won in the Republican Primary season.

So far (after Iowa) 28 have been won, a whopping 1.24% of the total. By all sane points of view this race is a million miles from being over and yet Michele Bachmann has withdrawn indicating that the "people of Iowa have spoken clearly". Well sure, but they are the only ones for crying out loud.

Rick Perry seemed on the verge of doing the same thing, but decided to give it the old college try and stick around at least through South Carolina.

Your eight year old kid likely stuck with with her flute lessons longer than some people stay in the presidential race.

Think about it, a football game is 1.24% over at about the 14:10 mark of the first quarter, don't see a lot of teams packing it in at that point.  The major league baseball season is 1.24% over after two games, there are a lot of really bad teams and they ALL play ALL 162.

So why do the people of Iowa (apparently) speak so clearly for the rest of the country?


It costs an astonishing amount of money to run for president and if it looks grim at any point the spiggot is getting shut off. Michele was already on fumes and Iowa was as far that as big ol' campaign bus was going. Rick on the other hand has loads of cash, although he won't stick around if there is a second poor showing in South Carolina.

Running for President should not cost a billion dollars, the system is so broken that it needs to be scrapped entirely, but that's not happening this year.

The first reason would be muted somewhat if we were not a country of sheeple. Think I'm wrong, consider this; On December 13th Rick Santorum was polling at 6% (Rasmussen) by the 28th in the same poll he was up to 16% and he ultimately won over 24% of the vote. Was this momentum the result of some amazing revelation? An altered strategy? What then?

It was of course the sheeple factor, people like to vote for a winner. If Bob is voting one way and Sally agrees well, by golly it's good enough for the sheeple. No disrepect to Mr. Santorum but had the vote happened a week earlier or a week later he wouldn't have sniffed the top spot.

In the entrance polls before the caucus we learned that an amazing 46% of the voters decided on who to vote for within just a few days of the caucus and over 1/3 of that vote went to Santorum, so in other words... he got very, very lucky. How could so many voters in Iowa have just made up their minds? Are you kidding me? These candidates have lived in your state for the last six months and half of you woke up on Tuesday, flipped a coin and voted for Santorum, unreal. Sheeple, yes sheeple.

Only a third of Iowans knew for at least the last month who they would be voting for and that tally was absolutely dominated by Ron Paul and Mitt Romny, suggesting that they are the only two candidates with any kind of real staying power or a message that actually resonates, but hey don't count out the sheeple!

In South Carolina, Rick Santorum was getting 4% (at best) in any poll before Iowa voted. In two polls after Iowa he is averaging 22%, that is meteoric and can only be explained by one thing... yup, you guessed it, sheeple.

Until you start to think for yourselves, evaluate candidates on your own and make your own decisions this process will perpetually be a joke.

Oh, nevermind, just go back to grazing.

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  1. Amen. It's atrocious to think that the leader of the free world could be elected on a whim, or how the MSM tells them to, and nothing more.