Wednesday, June 13, 2012

To write in, or not to write in

Liberty Movement

Without question the first and best option is Ron Paul winning the Republican Nomination. That is, has and should be our number one priority.

If for whatever reason that does not happen we can; endorse Romney, vote for Gary Johnson, sit out the election or WRITE IN RON PAUL. As a contingency I choose option four, and I'd like to make the case for everyone to do the same.

Some of the reasons we're told we should not do this include;

It will just hand the election to Obama... ummm, well not if we win! Besides, we all know Ron attracts plenty of left leaning folks too.

It will hinder the liberty movement's ability to get entrenched in the Republican Party. Clearly Ron Paul  himself can not announce as an independent or actively support a write in candidacy, as that would hurt the liberty movement within the GOP.

The grass roots is another story. We can continue to fill positions in the Republican Party with a genuine interest in transforming the party into what it claims to be, namely, small government, low taxes, low regulations and protection of personal freedoms.

It's impossible to win a write in campaign. Rare? yes. Long odds? Absolutely. Impossible? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

As far as I can tell there are only eight states (48 electoral votes) that do not allow write in voting. The other 490 electoral votes (91%) are up for grabs and CAN BE HAD.

I will outline the "how" in the next post.