Thursday, October 13, 2011

I believe

What I wish Ron Paul would say regarding foreign policy. I believe he feels this way and just has not articulated in a way that is palatble to the average american who is "fear mongered" all the time.
The world in many ways is a scary place. From dictators, to terrorist organizations to entire foreign governments, America has its enemies and in no way should their presence be diminished.  
I believe that the United States of America has and should maintain the greatest national defense on earth. I believe that our military should be used and focused towards; securing our borders, expanding the effectiveness of intelligence and preparing to respond to any actual or imminent attack on this nation. Predominantly we should be defending our soil with soldiers on our soil.
Would I bring our troops home? Absolutely, as soon as the ships can get there. Would I allow our national defense to be compromised? Absolutely NOT!
I believe that thinly spreading our military across the globe does compromise our ability to defend our nation. I believe that fighting terrorists with tanks does compromise our ability to defend our nation.

We should as always be strong, but more than ever we need to be wise.