Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Donald a Spoiler

Just in case the Republican Party chooses the “wrong” candidate, Donald Trump is leaving open the possibility of an independent run. Like so many of The Donald’s other undertakings this selfless gesture is his way of looking out for our country, golly gee, what a guy!

Given the immense strength of the Republican party’s candidates whoever could he be referring to? I mean, just who exactly could be considered the wrong candidate?

Let’s analyze;

Mitt Romney? Nope he likes Mitt.
Rick Santorum? Swell guy
Newt Gingrich? Almost saved his debate, of course not.
Michele Bachmann? Such a suuuper lady, dontcha know!
Rick Perry? Peachy keen!

Let’s see, who’s left… who could it be that has Trump so frazzled? Oh wait, yes it’s…

Ron Paul

As the pundits everywhere continue their claim that Ron Paul is unelectable Donald is unintentionally telling us the truth. Ron Paul absolutely could win the party nomination and that proposition is growing in likelihood. Frankly he scares the bejeezus out of Trump and the Republican establishment and it has NOTHING to do with national security.

If Paul wins the nomination and Trump runs independent, it does effectively re-elect Obama. Think about that for a second… somebody spoiling Ron Paul’s bid instead of the other way around.

Ironic and tragic.

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