Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I thought I noticed something odd, but dismissed it as quickly as it came into my head. Then I saw someone else mention it, and thought, huh, weird.

Given how nasty the campaign has been getting, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney seem overly and possibly overtly cordial. What gives?

Perhaps they've found a deep respect for one another... uh no.

Maybe Paul is gunning for VP or some other high ranking position in a Romney administration... yeah 'cause that is just the kind of thing Ron Paul would do.

Maybe Romney is courting the Paul voter who he KNOWS he will need come general election time... me thinks we're getting closer.

Maybe both candidates think they are better off once everyone else is out of the race... Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner.

Ron Paul's campaign has made many mentions of how only he and Romney can run a national campaign. Romney's camp has acknowledged they wouldn't mind facing off with Paul. So... who's right?

Well, that kinda depends. Conventional wisdom indicates that would favor Romney, and I admit I've long felt that Ron Paul was better off if the field was fractured. That said there are two factors that will play a role, but how big?

February, the month is chalk full of caucus states and Paul has banked on his organization and grass roots support in these states. Nevada, Minnesota, Maine & Washington (March 3rd, but before super tuesday) will be critical to give people a real view of the "not-Romney" alternative.

Proportional delegates, until April 1st most of the contests will divide up delegates proportionally, which means in a two person race the delegates could be quite even. If Ron Paul can hang in well enough to stave off the inevitability factor he has two big aces up his sleeve, Texas and California.

If Romney sweeps South Carolina and Florida we are going to see how this chess match plays out sooner rather than later.

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