Sunday, May 20, 2012


In chess you are supposed to “see the whole board” and to play the game several moves out. 

When the Paul campaign announced that they were no longer going to be investing time or money into as of yet uncontested primaries, the media interpreted it as “Ron Paul is dropping out”. Our side went on the defensive and started railing against this strongly... but deep down there was / is a lot doubt. What is the campaign REALLY up to? Why this message? Why now?

Because… they see the whole board. 

From the very beginning Ron Paul has told anyone who would listen that this contest was about the delegates and nobody got it. The reporting was always “x” state holds primary, Ron Paul still winless. Marginalizing our campaign was working IN OUR FAVOR… doubly so as long Santorum and Gingrich stuck around. They could pick up just enough perceived delegates to keep Romney from getting to 1144 perceived delegates. 

Once they dropped out, Romney was pre-maturely anointed, but there was one small problem. As state conventions began to convene the eyes of the media FINALLY started to open… Ron’s delegate strategy was actually working; Maine, Massachusetts, Alaska, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Louisiana, Nevada and Washington State for starters. He really was racking up delegates at the district, county and state levels. What did this mean? Could he throw a wrench in Romney’s party plans? Of course he could and people finally started noticing. The RNC and the Romney camp were so spooked that they had to ratchet up the cheating efforts, Arizona and Oklahoma are good examples. 

But Dr. Paul... sees the whole board. 

The threat had to be diminished, so they told they world that active campaigning was over, but if they really wanted out, if it was really over, he would have stepped aside. They told the Ron Paul supporters to “behave” in Tampa, they are able to take the high ground... knowing full well we aren’t going to “just go along” at the convention. This coup is going to happen and when it does Dr. Paul will be able to shrug his shoulders, give one of those “awe shucks” smiles and know on the inside, that this is exactly how they drew it up on the chalk board. 

Well played sir, checkmate is coming soon.