Monday, September 19, 2011

Cash for Clunkers

  Today the President announced a plan to bring back Cash for Clunkers, only this version will increase revenue while also increasing average fuel efficiency. The plan is simple; households that have more than two cars will be required to donate one to the federal government, those cars will be sold by Government Motors at a discount to the "less fortunate" and will be traded to to those folks who have lower fuel efficiency vehicles that we really need to get off the road.

Look, who needs three cars anyway, seems kind of excessive don't you think? Especially when then are so many with none.

Sound absurd? That's good, but it shouldn't.

Sadly, the president DID announce a plan to tax the "wealthiest" more, afterall they have too much money and there are others who just need it more. So if Joe Biden knocks on your door, lookin' for the keys to the Trans Am, don't be surprised.

Your cars are your personal property, the governement has no right to it. Your money is your personal property, the government has no right to it.

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